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Originally Posted by rare991 View Post
I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for. if you want the cheaper wheels then go for it...... put dont get mad when the quality isn't what you expected.
^^^^ This *AND* what you stated BiGDaWgZ. I'm by no means an rim expert first and formost. I bought a set of American Racing Torq Thrust M rims for my Camaro in the spring. I looked at a lot of rims before I decided on what ones I wanted. It seemed that the range of $1200-$1600 was where you would get a well made set of rims for a decent price. Price and quality met, so to speak. The GM ZL1 rims can be bought "as new take offs" for $2500-$2700.....awesome rims, but more than I want to pay. LG & Ivan teamed up to offer a set for $1695 (or $1595 if you were smart and got in early ). These are in the good quality/good price range and about half the price of "real" ZL1 rims.

I was excited, VERY EXCITED when I read Factory Repo offering a line of ZL1 rims, especially the machined/black rim (I think that would be over the top on my IOM Camaro ). But as bizarre as it sounds, when I saw the price, red flags went up big time. How could these be offered for "so cheap" when soooo many other rim manufacturers wares start at $1200+. Trust me, I am one cheap SOB and I don't EVER throw my money around, but there's this weird feeling that cheaper rims won't be cheaper in the long run.

Ivan....since you seem to be the PR person for the LG ZL1 it a possible future offering to have the rims in a machined/black face? Like the 2011 Sema Hot Wheels Camaro? I would sleep in the garage for 6 months to have a set .

Whew....I'm getting another coffee
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