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Originally Posted by Flea View Post
Seriously doubt I'll ever put aftermarket wheels on this car. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the factory wheels. They look damn good and seem to be well made. And there's likely fewer Camaros around here running these wheels than aftermarkets. Most of the time, there are only a handful of aftermarket wheels that people go with, so they start to get old after a while. With the price and availability of the factory wheels, I doubt there will be many other Camaros with them. Plus, others buy aftermarket wheels to try to accomplish the look that the factory ZL1 already has.
this is true.. and the zl1 looks great...but all cars can always be improved
and their are better looking wheels than the factory zl1 wheels..but for a factory wheel they look great thats why not many need to change them..but their are always the guys that doesnt want to look like every other zl1..
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