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my turbo build. "Project fastest street 5th gen" UPDATE: 03/25/13

UPDATE POST 10/27/13 post #488
I sold my silver fourth gen to start a new project. My 2010 Camaro I have had since new. It was my DD for about 8 months, after that I just drove it when the 2002 was down. Well now its time to spot light it. Trying to make tx2k13. Rundown on what I am doing.

-custom front mount turbo setup retaining everything but a/c but will keep if i can.
-Precision X275 88MM turbo
-Chisled 36x5 air/air intercooler
-Squash performance E85 in tank pump
-G-Force 9 inch IRS rear end (most likely)

I will update thread with pictures as we go.

The car:

Squash performance 1400hp E85 in tank setup. Very good guy to deal with and carries a nice warranty on the pump.

Had some parts show up.
PTC TH400/CONVERTER: Trans has all the good stuff in it

Chiseled performance 1300hp air/air intercooler


Finished tearing the car down last night, test fitted the intake. It will work perfect with the stock hood. Might switch to the 6061 elbow though.

Intercooler mounted
2017 ZL1
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