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Originally Posted by stanwilliams View Post
Be aware that you will probably have to run more fuel and less timing to the rear cylinders because of the way the air flows around that elbow. I have something similar on my 10.5 car but it comes in from the rear and the front cylinders get all the air. Its not a problem just pull all the plugs and compare after some WOT pulls. I had to adjust something around 15% on my car from front to rear.

After I said this I wasn't sure the stock OS allowed this. I have Big Stuff on my racecar and it does. However I just looked and HP Tuners does allow a Static retard vs Cylinder and an Injector Gain vs cylinder. I have never used this with HP tuners and there is a warning that some operating systems can cause high rpm operational problems when using this.
^^^ This guy knows his stuff!

Stan, any plans to build a crazy fast 5th gen?
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