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NEW ZL1 Sway Bars and 1LE Balance Bar

Your ZL1 delivered with a 25mm front bar and 28mm rear bar. These are by far and away the best sway bars to come from the factory. No is you would like to stick like the Pedders L/28 and Bruce Raymond's OPTIMA Invitational Camaros a.k.a. the Fastest 5th Gens then you want to upgrade you OEM Z bars to Pedders 27mm adjustable front and 32mm Z style rear. These are a direct replacement set of bars and compatible with the factory endlinks.

Pedders rear Style Z bar fits with the most popular drag wheel and tire combination and also is the ONLY Z style sway bar that fits with Pedders Supercar Coilovers!

The least amount of clearance to the inner wheel area is at full droop when the car is on a lift. As you can see, there more than enough clearance.

ZL1 Sway Bars

The semi-square wheel and tire setup on your 1LE delivers great cornering. Actually it was too good. Chevrolet backed it down by using a 27mm front bars with the ZL1 28mm rear bar. The bad news is that the larger front bar increases understeer. The good news is that Chevrolet finally put a 27mm front bar on the Camaro. Pedders has been running a 27mm front bar since early in 2009.

1LE owners can corner like Pedders OPTIMA winning Camaros by adding a rear 32mm Z style Pedders bar. This is a direct replacement of your rear 1LE bar and the droplinks will work exactly as designed with your new 32mm rear bar. I know you think you 1LE is great in OE trim. Try our 32mm rear bar. I guarantee you LOVE it.

1LE Balance Bar

Both bar sets use the OEM sway bar straps for additional stability and improved function. Chevrolet Engineering did a great job with the OEM strap. The shape and width gives them tremendous strength. Pedders specially cast our sway bar bushes to take full advantage of the OE strap. You can see the Pedders bush is wider than the OE bush. So much wider you would think it would be hanging out of the strap. Take a close look at the next to perfect fit!

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I can't stand these guys.They are always giving away my money
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