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Originally Posted by stangkilr View Post
Going to run stock casting LSA heads untill I have lifting issues. I think ill be fine untill I go over 1200rwhp.
What kind of boost are you looking for? Boost more than the actaul power level will lift the heads as you will need to look at the heads closely for seapage as Im guessing at that power level its going to take alot of boost. I have 6 bolt heads and lifted them earlier this year but new gaskets and retorqueing them fixed the issue but this is still on a lower boost tune of 26lbs. My intake setup is similar as well and you can split the elbow in half and weld a piece of sheetmetal to split the airflow in half to help with airflow from front and back cylinders unless you have software that allows you to tune each individual cylinder for air and fuel. I am running the Holley Dominator EFI software and I can adjust each cylinder to exact specs and make sure each spark plug reads identical.
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