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Originally Posted by stangkilr View Post
I am going to run about 25lbs of boost but at the compression I am at and on E85 its a little easier to make big power on less boost. My last combo was a completely stock 6.0 LQ9 shortblock, stock ls3 heads, LS9 cam and on 22lbs it was 1,100hp. On my edelbrock elbow its already split inside..? I have been reading that they always were not split so I find it interesting mine is. I had good luck on my last setup not pushing water. LS9 gaskets, copper coat, tq to 85ftlbs, heat up the car and re-tq. Its crazy how much they suck down once the motor is ran and warm.
Sounds like you have a good game plan and good luck with everything as thats a sweet setup. The elbows need to be split as it helps even the airflow to all the cylinders from front to back.
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