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Photos do not do this color justice. I purchased, a couple of weeks ago, the BRM 2SS w/RS convertible with black leather interior. I absolutely love the color! Daytime it is Blue metallic. Nighttime it is a more elegant midnight or deep navy blue. In direct sunlight there is a purple glint at certain angles. I've polished the car twice now (using Dri Wash Ultra Ion) giving it a mirror finish. Also, I've gone over the black trim (using Meguiars Interior Detailer) to make sure the trim is clean a black to compliment the blue finish of the car. Everyone I meet is very impressed with the color (day time or night time, doesn't matter). Since purchase, I've added window tint, covered the Chevy bow ties in black (it is now a "Black Tie Car"), and Sin City Camaro Club decals.

When I saw the car, I had to own it (this car with this color and this interior). It is not intended to be a racing car. So far, only 500 miles of driving experience. Everything about driving this car is awesome. Luckily, for a few days after purchase, Las Vegas weather was still warm and I had an opportunity to drive around town with the top down.

Photos cannot show the true beauty of the BRM finish. I hope my couple of photos help you visualize the color in a more positive way.


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