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Originally Posted by Johnny1 View Post
When they say summer tires they ain't kidding. When I had my new 2005 GTO I ordered it with the performance summer tires. When winter came there was just a dusting of snow on the highway. I was only going about 50mph. And all of a sudden the back tires just broke loose and the car turned completely around backward and I was still going about the same speed. Then it turned straight and headed to ditch full of snow. I was turning the steering wheel but it did nothing, it was like I was in a sled. I ended up there and had a tow truck pull me out. I figured the car was all messed up but after I was able to power wash it and shammy it in a warm garage there wasn't a scratch on it. But I think I needed to change my underwear.

Been there! Back 20 years ago,when I was a lotman,I had to take a new Nissan 300ZX to a bodyshop 10 miles away. It had transportation damage,and there was some light snow on the road. I was cruising around 40 mph,driving very carefully. All of a sudden the car did a 360 in the middle of the road . Thankfully i didn't hit anything! Wow! Scared me something fierce.
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