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Originally Posted by WMCC Doug View Post
I'm glad to hear you're doing better, 3whiterag.

I have been your same boat before. I was off from work for nearly 5 years and finally had a liver transplant, in 1990. I went back to work and worked the next 16 years, before I started to have some problems again. I worked at GM/Delphi and just took the early retirement offer. (Delphi wanted to get rid of all the old timers, and with my new liver issues, flowing back to GM was not an option for me.) Now, I'm trying to get by on less than half of what I was making when I was working. :(

Good lucK and continued good health to you, my friend!
Hi Doug! Thanks for the kind words. By the sounds of it, you have had your trials and tribulations too! I understand what you are saying about the reduced income. I had the same situation for the last year on S & A. Thank God we have it but it certainly is not what I was used to as far as pay is concerned and thankfully it was better than not receiving anything. I have come to realize that when I retire, I will not be able to afford the house I am in now. It is paid for but upkeep and property taxes are just too much. I don't see myself retiring in the near future since I will have two boys going to university in the fall, both in residence. I have 28.5 years seniority and I will definitely stay to get my 30 at least although I have been offered early retirement a number of times I have refused it. I want my full pension after all this time. Anyhow, thanks again and take care of yourself!!! Tom
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