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Originally Posted by Blue70SS View Post
They actually have a good point. Brake fluid shouldn't be vented..... everytime air is exchanged, humidity gets sucked out of the air into the fluid - which breaks it down quicker. It's the same reason why you don't want to leave a bottle a brake fluid open to the air - it shortens the life. That why brake fluids have "dry" and "wet" boiling points. New fluid doesn't compress as much (good) as old fluid that is getting towards the "wet" side. The older fluid with higher water content will lead to a softer pedal and actually can boil (depending on the fluid quality) when pushed really hard with burnouts, which would put air in the line.

That was part of the reason I chose the reservoir I did. It has a baffle top that lets the fluid move up and down and not slosh around so much on hard driving - something more important with high end motorcycles.

One other thing that may explain the difference in feel between the two reservoirs - the inside diameter of the Ring Brothers may have been bigger than the GTO. When I had the GTO one, we had drilled it out larger to flow better - and yes, it does help. Did you make sure the hose ran uphill from the clutch master cylinder to reservoir? If there are any high spots, air can get trapped...... even if doing the fluid swap/pumping method.

I actually mounted the reservoir parallel with the master cylinder. I don't drive the car hard at all. I rarely even drive it but when I want to get on it or a Mustang gets beside me I don't like not being able to clutch properly. I understand the fluid can possibly get air and moisture inside. The level was still halfway just like it was when I installed it 6 months ago. I'm going to flush the fluid real god this time and see the issue. The ports is an 1/4" with a push lock end. The volume is efficient and flow. It should just travel back and forth. Could HP have this effect on a stock clutch?? I have a tune, Headers, exhaust, CAI plus a MGW short throw shifter. So I am able to shift quicker. I don't know the true capabilities on a stock clutch. I have seen something at 450HP. I'm sure I'm above this mark.
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