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Thanks again everyone! I'm very grateful to have owned a Mustang and now a Camaro, I can't express it enough. And boy does this car ride smoother than the Mustang! It feels more like a luxury car, compared to my 2012 Mustang which I thought felt cheaper. The 2013 V8 Mustang that I tried felt more like my Camaro.

Wow, it's crazy to see how much more appreciative people are on here compared to the Mustang forum (can't even remember the last time I went on there to be honest). And getting a congrats from Chevy customer service on here and on Facebook is pretty awesome .

There should be some sun out tomorrow so I'll take some more pics and post them up later in the evening. I also plan on doing some customizing to the car ("Tron-ing" it out as I'd like to call it haha, the color choices of both of my cars were somewhat based on Tron themes). So when I get around to doing that stuff I'll update the thread.

Here's what the Camaro was loosely based off of (I know, the Camaro isn't predominantly black with orange accents, but it's still got the same vibe going...right? )



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