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Originally Posted by 5thGen2LTRS View Post
Just curious - did your dealer get the axe and cancel your order? And have you found somewhere to place that order yet? I just found out that's the boat I'm in
If you want to re-order PM me. I have a dealer upstate that might sill have allocation for this month so you get the car in the next 6-8 weeks. He sells for MSRP. As far as discounts go, if the dealer is willing, all he has to do is put in the vin# into the computer and it will tell him what type of insensitives the car might qualify for. Most dealers don't want to hassle with waiting for GM to send them back the money, especially on a hot car. With this dealer everything is upfront. Ask him a question and he will tell you right upfront what can and cannot be done. Good luck.
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