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Originally Posted by sabrescamaro View Post
LET'S GO BUFFALO! TOINBLO (T.O. in B-lo)? Then you might have to replace it after this year... BSTMODE (beast mode)? TRENT05? haha Anything clever with the bills. Bills bashing is not tolerated in this thread. Sqshfsh (Squish the Fish)!
Squish the fish one would be cool but nobody here would EVER get it. lol

Originally Posted by Injunman View Post
How about MINE

Originally Posted by Kyle.Gilmour View Post
what does pq stand for? or your username in general? I have wondered for a while

like the new sig pic too!!!
Well my CB handle when I was driving trucks was PQ. It came from the military. When I was a new private on Ft. Bragg, we went tdy to willmington. We were in formation and Sgt. Parker was calling roll. Now, he told us all to print our names on the roster but I 'signed' mine. Well, as he was calling roll he kept coming to a certain name and getting pissed as he tried to read it. He just kept saying P....Q...... (when I sign my name PeQueen I just put a big P and a Q with a long line through it.) I remember thinking "I sure feel bad that that PQ sob. Well after he was done he said "Ok if I didn't call your name, get your stupid ass up front. I was PQ for the rest of my life since. That's all they called me for the next 3 1/2 years. Freinds, Sgts and officers. Even top would call me PQ.

Anyway. I got used to it and grew to like it so kept it.

Well. that's where the PQ comes from. the IR is just simple for 'I am' so kinda like 'I am PQ' .... I started doing it cause most usernames have to be more than 2 characters. irpq became my regular like for e-mail and such. And then alot of sites wanted MORE than 4 characters. So I just added the 11 and that's is what ALL of my stuff is now.
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