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Originally Posted by velocity149 View Post
so i was messing around with the car, and i found out the follwing:
the car starts with key in any orientation
my tach dosnt work when i start the car with the key half folded
the shifter will ot shift into "M" with the key half folded.
I am scared that the theft deterent system is broken, and just ot fully working. called dealership, and they said that it should not start with the key half folded, as it is a security measure ensuring that nobody can copy the key (dont know how that is possible) but he booked me in for service.
anyways, thanks for bringing this up MR.iNCREDIBLE, s I would have never noticed this if you hadn't.
interesting information..

you are welcome I guess, it was an accidental discovery on my part and I merely thought it was interesting.

I hope my find doesn't result in major work being done to your car....

Please let us know the outcome.
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