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Originally Posted by DGthe3 View Post
An LT7 would be very interesting. 570ish hp from a NA small block?
I would think 525-530. Think about the LT1 vs LS3 it is said to be 450 hp, about 20 more then the LS3.

I am conflicted, as a Z06 owner I love the LS7 and my Z, but part fo the reason I love it is the LS7 was always only offered in the Z06. Now they offer it in the 427 convertible and that has diluted the breed a bit. Now with it appearing in the camaro not quite as special.

Although, by the time this car appears, I will be looking to pick up a new DD and this would compliment the Z perfectly.

I will say a lighter, track ready ZL1 would be cool.
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