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Originally Posted by Go Fast Kid View Post
Here is one more photo. It is not easy to make extreme horsepower on a naturally aspirated motor.

The LS 7 has no shortage of torque. I spoke with the engineers from GM Powertrain Division at SEMA two years ago. They believed that the LS 7 would be abandoned because the 6.2 liter motors were making as much power with the help of superchargers.
This doesn't make sense to me! If an LS3 makes as much power as an LS7 BUT with supercharges, wouldn't a LS7 make more power with superchargers? If so why would the GM engineers discontinue the LS7?
Also, from what I understand the ZL1 has the LS3, just as the SS has it, with the exception of the supercharger. Shouldn't the ZL1 should have had the LS7 from the beginning?

Gosh! So many questions.. I'm going to read the threads mentioned below to see if that clears up things a bit.

By the way, I'm not like many of you that are die hard Chevrolet/GM fans, although I do respect and admire you all! So I don't know much about the history, or the reasons behind whatever they are doing. (but I am learning more about it!)
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