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Originally Posted by RoadieWingZ View Post
Works fine for me during the 2 weeks I've owned mine. I actually like it; especially when the bozo behind me on the hill thinks they have to get right on my bumper cuz they're in such a hurry.....
Sorry, but the last thing I want to do would be to cater to that kind of bozo. I'm perfectly willing to let my car roll back a couple or a few inches, just enough for him to wonder if it might really be him creeping forward against his brakes. A rear-ender that comes down to "he-said - he said" rarely favors the guy behind.

I'll also drop my cars in neutral with no brake applied if the road is level enough and the red light or other traffic stop is long enough.

The times I've had a rear bumper tapped when stopped at a light or other forced reason to be stopped have been when my brake lights were in fact lit

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