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Adjusting the input gain

Originally Posted by Adam View Post
That may have solved my problems if I had thought to look there.

To udpate this, I bought an amp with signal sensing turn on. Unfortunately, it only stays consistently on over volume level 10, but that's alright with me. I may check out the afore mentioned fuse panel.

As for finding a cluster of wires etc in the dash, I just don't see how I can do that without some hand holding and expert guidance with this new car.

I'll update again if I use the fuse box.
Hey Adam,
You may be able to adjust your input signal sensitvity (Input Gain) a little higher, in order to have the sensing turn on feature of the amp to trigger the turn on before a voulme of 10. There are also many different type of speaker sensing turn on modules on the market, that may work better than the auto sense unit made into your Amp. You even may be able to adjust a seperate unit to turn on at lower volume than the circuit/feature made into the Amp with the auto sense will allow. A seperate unit will not affect the input signal adjustment at all of amp. Is there a switch made into the amp to cut the auto sensor on and off, or any type of seperate threshold adjustment for the turn on feature?
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