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Originally Posted by 11BEE View Post
Over the last year I have lurked in the thread while posting some, but I was not as active as I should have been. I want to thank everyone who posted there and proudly announce you helped me reach a total loss of 89 pounds over the course of the year. At 44 years old it is hard to change habits. Eating less and moving more were foreign to me, but that is how I reached my goal. I am not finished yet, but the thread in 2012 really motivated me.

Adamz has challenged a new thread to be started, so here it is.

This year my goal is to loose another 30 pounds, 2 more pant sizes and to ride 5000 miles on my bike. By starting this thread you have my commitment to be more involved and to reach my goal.

Give us a little back ground about yourself, where you are and where you want to be!
89lbs is pretty darn awesome in my book! Major respect! Those are some awesome goals! Can't wait to see you contribute more, and watch you strive towards your goals and set new ones!

Originally Posted by AdamZ View Post
90 lbs is pretty legit congrats.

Alright I am pretty well known here for my crazy comments and uniqueness I believe. I have always been very athletic, fit, and confident. Graduated the police academy at 175 lbs with a nice 8 pac, I could run without ever needing to stop, did a 15 mile run once a week in the academy with no problems. A year ago something personal happened which killed any motivation I had to get up and keep working out. Since then I have gained 40 lbs. Currently I am 22 5'10 215 lbs. My current job I sit at a desk and do absolutely nothing except eat snacks throughout my 3rd shifts. I also work 24/7/365 which is very hard. All that while still being a full time student. I am a very confident person until I think about my weight. I feel disgusting when I look in the mirror. I feel I do not look good enough for my beautiful girlfriend. This year I would like to get back to my happy self at 175 lbs and be able to run my 15 miles again without issue. Right now I fear I am on a deadly path and that needs to change. So this year my goal is 40 lbs.
Adam! Those are great goals! Its not about finding time, its about making time. I work full time and go to night classes as well. Finally I just had to give in and do the very thing I hated, getting up early. I get up at 4am to be at the gym at 5am before work. It sucks, but when work and school are over at night I can spend the rest of my day relaxing with my husband! And your diet is key as well. I snack alot at work but my desk is filled with only healthy snacks like almonds, prunes, popcorn, and carrots with peanut butter. Can't wiat to see you reach your goal, you are young and strong you can do it! And once you get there you can set new goals. Its a lifestyle, not a destination.
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