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Originally Posted by Ladybugsmom View Post
I have recently lost a bunch of weight, although I haven't weighed myself, so I have no idea how much. I only know that I've gone from a size 10 to a size 4 in a matter of months. Most of it was due to stress. My goal in the new year is to balance the stress (maybe the divorce will go quickly - pray for me) and maintain this size, while firming up. At 45 years old, I think those are fair goals
Girl you are still very young! You are strong and can do this!

Originally Posted by sycraft View Post
started last year at 280 lbs, now at 220. 20 more to lose this year
CONGRATS! 60lbs is awesome!

Originally Posted by v6sonoma View Post
I started a new job that has me sitting at a desk all day and it has not been good for my waist line. A battle I was loosing enough on my own! So for 2013 I'm committed to better health. I need to loose what I've gained and live healthy.
Better health is a great goal!

Originally Posted by tramtwo View Post
I have, with a lot of help over come alcoholism, drug addiction and even smoking. Those are three caged tigers in my life. I have ever only been able to be in shape by exercising like a freak (triathlons) which require a lot of time. The last time I weighed 215 I got there from 255! It took about 3 hours a day 6 days a week of running, swimming and biking. Problem was it also took about 4000 calories a day! Everyone asked how'd I loose 40 pounds in 11 weeks and my answer was you have to eat all the time.

During that time there was no fried foods or ice cream but everything else was fair game. So it was train and eat... train and eat. I really not only looked good but was in shape AND healthy.

That was over four years ago! I got a second job working at night and the training stopped. But you guessed it... the eating hasn't. I am now about 265. Problem is that is stretched out on a 6'2" frame. No one ever guesses me that heavy. There is a lot of muscle on that frame. But the fat that kills, the belly fat is ridiculous!

So I am looking for a way to cage this tiger called eating. Challenge with THIS addiction... abstaining is not an option. This is way more difficult. We have to not only cage this tiger but enter the cage several times a day!

I don't have a weight goal but fitting into my 34s again would be a great start! This post is a start.

"I can't... but we can!"
Congrats on kicking the bad habits! That is awesome in itself! If you can do that you can definitely improve your diet and exercise!! Especially since you already know what works, you just have to make the time and effort!

That is a great goal!

Originally Posted by CFD View Post
Eating 5-6 well proportioned meals a day is the way to go. It helps keep your blood sugar steady and helps control cravings.
Word. I go all T-REX on people if I don't eat all my meals. Hungry all the time.

Originally Posted by CFD View Post
Thought this was a weight loss thread, lol

Originally Posted by AdamZ View Post
Except today... I am pigging out lol

I didn't pig out yesterday, I was pretty proud. But then again we didn't have a "naughty" dinner. Ham, sauteed brussel sprouts, scalloped potatos, fruit salad, and a salad. Didn't have desert. Only bad thing I had all day was cinnamon rolls for breakfast. But I worked those off.

Originally Posted by AdamZ View Post
Haha I guess you don't know me very well. Invite me to a thread and it will not stay on topic I promise you lol haha

Originally Posted by Mouse6.2 View Post
OK, I'm new on here but love my new camaro. Anyway, our whole family wanted to get back into shape and start eating healthy. I was at 236lbs in may and now down to 206lbs. My wife dropped off 40lbs herself and is fitting into the same jeans as our 16yr old daughter so she is tickled. Our twin girls also lost some weight. Conner was up to 150 and down to 139, our other daughter has Cerebral Palsy and she was up to 140lbs and is now at 120lbs. When we took her to her annual CP doctor visit he was pleasantly surprised. Hunter with CP can't exercise so it really shows how well the life style change we made works.

All we did was go plant strong and followed the Engine 2 Diet and watched "Forks Over Knives" video. We have been getting all our meal planning out of the Engine 2 Diet book, The Happy Herbivore and one other one that I can't remember. All the meals are really tasty and very filling. We also eat as much as we want and have left overs for lunch the next day or two. Ever since we started eating this way we have more energy, sleep better at night, don't get the usual afternoon crash either.

We just found it amazing on how much better we feel and the weight we have lost and kept it off just by changing our diet to an all plant based one. If anyone is interested just check out Engine 2 Diet and Forks Over Knives.

I have been reading a ton on here and learning all the great mods to accomplish. Once the bank account builds back up I'll have to start in on some.
Those are AWESOME loses! Your family should be very very proud! Keep up the good work! Health is key!

Originally Posted by SUKXOST View Post
I'm only about 188lbs @ 5' 10" but looking to lose maybe 10lbs of fat and just started working out again(free weights mainly). Looking to replace the mid section softness and replace with about 15-18lbs of upper body muscle that I lost after my deployment.
That sounds very attainable!

Originally Posted by RubyCamaro View Post
Okay, I'm back. My body changes hardly show up on the scales so I don't look at it that way. I can just tell by how my clothes fit or the sizes of clothes I wear..................and how much of a tummy I have. Right now I am down a a size from last year & the tummy is less, but over the last couple of months...........the tummy is returning a bit. I lost my dance/exercise class when they changed the time to a toms I can not go. I HAVE to find me a new class. That is goal #1. Then continue the progress. Lose the tummy, tone up & maintain.
I don't look at the scale ever, unless I'm at the doctors. Pictures and clothes are the way to go!
A size down is awesome! Start looking girlfriend! You have the dedication, you just need the venue!

Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
Freshman year of college I played soccer and weighed 165. Sophmore year was a tragic year with the passing of my mom and since then I have gained 40lbs in 4 years. I always tried to eat healthy and even signed up for a gym but that always lasts about 2 days. I even tried to do insanity and do like the first 3 workouts and then I just stop. I want to lose weight but I never have any motivation ever. I would like to maybe lose 20-25lbs within the year but honestly with how my motivation is I don't think that will ever happen :/. I am suppose to go on vacation the second week in Jan and ever since this past Oct I wanted to try and slim down but yet again my lack of motivation kicked in. Does anyone know how I can get my motivation back up?
Sorry about the loss of your mother, I can not even imagine.
Maybe you should get a trainer, find one that is really motivating. I don't really have a "trainer" at crossfit but I have a "motivator" who texts me daily and keeps me accountible. I find that taking a picture each week so see the changes keeps me motivated as well.

Originally Posted by midnighter View Post
I've gained 22 lbs in the last 2 months. I will get back on track after new years. Let's eat, drink, be merry today....and tomorrow we diet.
Never say tomorrow, cause then tomorrow will never come.
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