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Originally Posted by Scarrzz View Post
The Z28 name is important to our history, and it is also important as a marketing tool. It makes sense to me that an LS7 based Z28 could bring in more money while honoring the Z28 name appropriately.

Not everyone can afford a ZL1. That is simply a fact. I believe the TEAM is putting together a Z28 that will drop jaws like ZL1 did, but without the costly bells and whistles of superchargers. That means a lower price point and a happy market segment.

Happy market segments make for profit, job security, and more hot cars on the road.

I think the Big thing that is being missed is....

If and when they bring out a 505HP Z28......
I bet they are gonna properly bump up the ZL1 to probably 650 or at least 630 like the ZR1......

They have to justify paying the extra money for the ZL1 so it will get a bump similar to this link......

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