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Originally Posted by Mouse6.2 View Post
I'm sure others will chime in on this. Just add air to them. The nitrogen is a joke if you ask me. I thought I would try it out when we got new tires on our Acadia. I kept fuel mileage records and the nitrogen didn't make a difference. Also the pressure changed just as much with the heat and cold like normal air did. So to me it was a waste of money. Unfortunately my camaro came new with nitrogen filled tires that the dealer installed. I had to pay for that, not like I could have them reclaim it and refill with normal air. I was tired and just wanted to get my baby home. They already took the pinstripe off for me at no charge. Heck, the air we breath is 78% nitrogen anyway.
You are right, as long as the air does not have allot of water in it.
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