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Could you guys that battled thru this advise on the "correct wiring" per Aeromoitive that worked out for you. We are in an install now and would like to avoid the trouble if we can - and it's occuring during the Holidays. It would be "very much" appreciated on the wiring routes / connections that covered you.

Much thanks! Plz....

Originally Posted by incon3037r View Post
I've had all of these problems as well. Aeromotive directions to wire the FPCM were wrong and when my mechanic contacted them to find the correct way, it took several days and being told several different wrong ways to wire it before the correct information was given. Then we were given the run around on which MSD tach adapter that was needed to find a signal for the FPCM. MSD would say to contact Aeromotive and vice versa.

Currently everything is working fine with the addition of the FPCM and MSD tach box. I was not advised on installing a cooler on the returne side but will do so. The fuel pump appears to be nicely made, but the trouble and all of the additional parts needed to install makes it a head ache. If this new unit doesn't hold up, I'll move onto the Squash setup.

It also sucks when you have to pay labor to remove and install a new pump because it was damaged from the manufacturer.
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