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Originally Posted by stlrammer View Post
If you live in St. Louis please read this post regarding your summer only tires.

Nitro in your tires may be least of your worries. Then again, if you are parking your car for the winter you can disregard this post. BTW, your ZL1 is beautiful. Very nice color.
Thanks, I been following the tire saga since I bought the car, it's in the garage when the temp is less than 40 degrees, it is not my daily driver. I can't say I had any issues when it is cold I don't drive aggressive and I keep a couple of car lengths in front for stopping, I have to admit it doesn't take anything to break the tires loose.

It is suppose to be around 40 degrees tomorrow, I'll probably take it out for a few hours, it is almost like therapy for me, I jump back in time and don't care about anything. I had cancer about 7 years ago, I was in my early 40's, nothing is guaranteed in life.
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