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Originally Posted by Matt @ RX View Post
Garbage... 80 street miles on it and a few track passes, two 9-second passes, most were aborts from traction woes....

Made a single dyno pass last night on my combo, at 6100RPM's it went to ~20psi and crapped the bed. Screwed the regulator all the way down just to see, now the pump even with regulator all the way in makes maybe 40psi tops at idle. I have mine completely isolated with a single relay, running 10ga wire. I've installed probably 200+ of their series pumps in numerous applications (All externals).

Maybe I have a problem with the internal line, right now do not know what went wrong, frankly don't care I'll never use another Aeromotive series internal pump again.

Made 737rwhp through the unlocked 4l60E at 16psi @ 6100rpms.. Would have cracked 800+ on the low boost if I could have made a pass to 72.
Matt -

Thanks for the post here .... and you know I am in the midst of a pretty large build as well. We are just working thru the tune and shortly to WOT Dyno runs. You, like many here, know their $hit so don't believe this to be a farce - and plan to ping Aeromotive tomorrow ..... But you know the players - industry - people..... What did they tell you and what route are you taking?

I am praying there was a bad batch of these but boy we have a small group with a common theme going here and if I had to time my purchase - it was likely at the same time yours was.

Appreciate the insight and some enlightenment would be nice from the manufacturer...... Again - they make a good product as we know and if this is a flop - shocked they are not addressing or jumping in here.

Like your install - we'd double covered all bases and don't even have an issue "yet" but much like a NW102 throttle body thread I am watching - I like to know where the storm may be before it hits.

Anyone with enlightenment - jump in - share and also add ...

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