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Originally Posted by Matt @ FSP View Post
Hey bud,

This is actually Matt, formerly of RX ... Mine worked fine for about 40 street miles and 10'ish or so track passes. Then the fuel pressure dropped on me at idle to nearly 20psi, I knew there was a problem at that point. I cranked up the regulator just to get it moved around the shop and then onto the dyno, at 737rwhp at 6100rpm's it came down to 20psi and we shut her down. I drove the car back from the shop to home, pump was terribly loud (Overheating is my bet) and killed on me at the CVS. It did restart a few hours later and is running now..

I got with Andy @ Squash and he sent over his double pumper return style system. We are going to swap the Aeromotive soon for the Squash and I'll be back out.

At this point I cannot tell you what failed, I do not care really what failed because I cannot take the chance of a failure on my combination (Or any motor), so I've decided to ditch it. I'll let you know if we see anything when we pull it apart, could be that short EFI fuel line ate through in the tank who knows. I just know with the Squash I'll be all se to go!

I owned a full fabrication shop up north for a bunch of years, all we used for external pumps were Aeromotive or Weldon. I can say I have had VERY minimal Aeromotive failures in the past, but that is on their external pumps. I guess the internal pumps just need to be addressed. So you know I purchased mine last year about this time, but the car never ran until this October with the new pump. So if there is a common bad batch maybe it is fixed?

- Matt
After the money I lost, I'll never go back to Aeromotive... Fortunately my car was idling when the fuel pressure dropped to 2 lbs and the car died...

I now have the Lingenfelter duals in the tank feeding a sump tank or cell, with an external Weldon for the rails... No worries anymore...
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