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I was at home when you were about to buy my buddies shifter. I showed you a pic of what shifter he had. I didnt have access to it to get a pic because it was at the shop. You bought it. I sent it. Yes it was missing the 2 small screws for the bottom side. You had the shifter for 3, yes 3 weeks before trying to tell me it was installed backwards on his car. How is that even possible and it function? Then you said it had been hit with a hammer or something to that effect. That could have been shipping damage.

You bought a used part for half of what new is. Yes it was used and you knew that. If it was in such bad shape, how are you using the shifter? It is installed and functioning, correct?

I am not a scammer at all, I didnt have access at the time you bought it to send a pic of the shifter. I frequent this forum and have no intentions of shafting anyone.

SO why did it take 3 weeks for all this to come to light?

If the shifter is so damaged, how can you be using it?
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