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Originally Posted by Z/28orSs View Post
insideline has a auto 2.0t auto at 3515 which isn't bad ?? I don't know who to believe keep getting different numbers

I would say you are spot on sir!!!

car and driver has the weight of the 3.6 at 3535 so I could see a 3500 ibs v6 but at 200lbs will there be enough of a performance difference how much faster is the ats 3.6 vs the Camaro and why no ats at VIR it would have been perfect to see what it can do and how to properly see the alpha in action!
The thing about looking at the weights used for car rag testing is it is not a base weight, you are looking at the weight of the vehicle with options (and which ones). Plus sometimes those posted weights are est. and guesses, the official curb weight that I posted is from the Cadillac ATS official web site and Edmunds has updated its weights as follows.

In the Motor Trend test they tested I believe a fully loaded ATS (or near fully loaded) with an as tested price of $49,185. In the earlier Motor Trend test of the 2.0T ATS vs the BMW 328i the 2.0T ATS is priced at $45,910 and was stated in their test to be 3,433 pounds.

This isn't a matter of who to believe, its a matter of the difference in weight between a base model and a fully loaded model (which includes but isn't limited to bigger wheels and tires).

Though for the sake of apples to apples I like to compare base curb weight with base curb weight. The current lightest V-6 Camaro is the 1/2LT at 3,741 pounds, the 1LS weighs in at 3,780 pounds and the 2LS weighs in at 3,769 pounds (per chevy web site). They have both 1SS and 2SS at 3,860 pounds though I have seen the SS Camaro with a test weight of over 3,900 pounds.

With that said the base curb weight of a 2LT Camaro is 3,741 pounds and the base curb weight of the ATS 3.6 is 3,461 pounds a difference of 280 pounds. Also when the ATS was in development there were tricks that they did not take to reduce the ATS weight because it was a luxury vehicle which they could use for the next Camaro.

How much of a performance difference will you get with a 300 pound diet????.......With 323BHP and 3,741 pounds the 1LT Camaro has a power to weight ratio of 11.5 pounds per horsepower. A 3,441 pound 321BHP V-6 Camaro would have a power to weight ratio of 10.7 pounds per horsepower. That gives it a power to weight ratio not that far from the 2002 SS Camaro (325BHP and 3,411 pounds). Food for thought....
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