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Update : After Installing the Headers, I wasn't in a rush to get the car tuned, because I wanted to call around and get the best pricing and see what tuners were available. Well I ended up going back home to Virginia to get my car tuned by a very reputable tuner who mostly deals with Camaros/Corvettes. His name is Ed and I believe he's a member up here as well. Overall, I am happy with the final numbers, but there was a bit of pinging going on while he was tuning the car, that left some power on the table.

At first the numbers were off, because of spark knock, so he recommended that we switch to NGK TR6 plugs from the AC Delcos that I recently replaced last month.

That did the trick as my numbers went from 392 to 399 rwhp. Then he did the final bit of tuning, but could not put the max out of it because of the pinging. Here are the final numbers (405 rwhp/ 399 rwtq)

He advised running seafoam through the intake, as that (and maybe fuel) were the culprits for the detonation/pinging issues I was having. As of this morning, I ran seafoam through the intake, and a little bit of white smoke came out after I ran it for a little bit; I also ran two cans of seafoam through the fuel tank as well.

As much as I would love to go back and get the car re tuned, I don't think its necessary, as the car runs great, and the tune is very good. He also told me that it's not necessary to retune, just to seafoam the car and watch out where I fill up at.
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