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Originally Posted by DanSS24 View Post
ZL1 and 1LE Very Impressive Results at Car and Driver Annual Lighting Lap #7 @ VIR

I thought this thread was about this ^ i'm gonna make a comment about that. The ZL1 and 1LE was very impressive on this comparison, especially against vehicles costing more. The ZL1 and 1LE are my favorite cars and i'm gonna have a hard time choosing one when I retire. I might have to wait and see what the 6th gen will be like. I was never a Ford guy, but being that it also did better than cars costing more, is a testament that American engineering is meeting and/or exceeding their counterparts. Now you gotta love that.
It is, but the detractors have a hard time accepting the fact the ZL1 out performed the GT500 in this track outing. Facts are facts.

Back to the topic. Something else lost on most here is the ZL1 has a better F/R weight distribution (53/47 ZL1 // 57/43 GT500) than the GT500 which contributes to better handling. Just doing the math; the ZL1 actually is lighter on the front end compared to the GT500. At a glance it doesn't seem possible, but not all of the added weight on the ZL1 is on the front because of the supercharger. Some of it comes from the added mass of the beefed up rear end and suspension.
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