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Originally Posted by PYROLYSIS View Post
Would you be disappointed if the possible LS7 Camaro is called a Z28 or do you just think they are saving it for the sixth gen? It looks like they're giving a lot of Camaro fans what they're asking for. To me an LS7 Camaro is definitely worthy of the name. It doesn't need wings and an afterburner. A 2025 Camaro should definitely have the technology worthy of the name but why wait? I thought the general consensus around here was that the 1LE was pretty close but just missing a few ingredients. Looks like we will be getting them.
I for one think the 1LE was close, but needed just a little more and the most important of that little more IMO is the LS7. Yes there are other 1LE things that could be a little better also, but I think a better engine is the key.
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