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That's where the 5th gen being the only generation without a Z28 argument comes in. Agree that they wouldn't wait past the sixth gen for a Z28. They built an LS7 concept so we haven't been the only ones thinking about it and we have seen quite a few concepts make production. We know they wanted to use the Z28 name and changed their mind at the last minute. It probably was mostly because they felt the ZL1 didn't deserve it. It also could have been that they were saving it for another 5th gen car or the sixth gen like you were saying. They most likely didn't have the 2014-2015 model year already planned out back in 2007-2008. They knew the fifth gen would be successful but in reality bankruptcy dictated how far they could go and how many different models they could bring us. In my opinion somewhere along the line the LS7 idea came along but they had to gauge the success of the ZL1 before they went on with development. Didn't the ZL1 development get put on hold for a while? I'll admit that with the success of the 1LE it's a tight performance gap to fill between it and the ZL1. I think the Z28 name will hinge on what price point they want it to land and what other things will be attached with the LS7. Whatever they build has a chance of being a huge success if they can differentiate it from the ZL1 without pricing it into the stratosphere. Putting the Z28 name on it definitely wouldn't hurt sales.
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