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Originally Posted by mrmarklin View Post
I have a ZL1 on order. This, after driving BMWs for 20 years.

I will never go on any track with this car or any dragstrip. I bought this car because the level of technology and sophistication is approaching and hopefully surpassing, what is available from other (mostly European) manufacturers.

The reviews have been universally good, even in foreign publications, and I think this car would do very well on the Autobahn. My driving in this car will consist of mostly freeway, but very often mountain driving, as I have a cabin in the mountains. I expect this car to excel in both aspects of my driving, as did my BMWs before it. BMW has never made the fastest car nor even the best handling (some would debate that!) but it consistently has made arguably the best driver's cars in the world. In particular, the 3 series is a measure which all automakers would like to attain.

I'm hoping the Camaro will fill the bill. It will outhandle and out run 99% of all vehicles out there and there is a lot of fun in that. I drive a lot, and if I'm not having fun I might as well be in a Prius.

All the arguing back and forth about road racing or drags leaves me a little amused because of the childishness of it all.

We traded in our BMW for a '12 SS LS3. The Camaro is kinda quirky, but the fun factor and torque thrill is undeniable. We got bored with the "ultimate driving machine" and wanted a more primal experience.

After you go to your cabin take the car over the pass on a good weather holiday weekend, you will be amazed at how many car enthusiast like to play around with other sports cars in the mountains. No racing just "spirited driving". Oh just checked the location of Burney and your pretty far away from the major population centers so maybe you wont see to many other ethusiasts.

Don't rule out a track experience like "Hooked on Driving" to quickly, its a lot of good natured fun for average people wanting to add some fun to daily life. Much more exciting than another round of golf!
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