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Originally Posted by SRT8Tech View Post
Weeellllll, I think the arguing back and forth is because the ZL1 beat the GT500 on this course and all of the sudden the ZL1 is the top dog of road courses compared to the GT500. When in fact the GT500 has beat the ZL1 on other road courses. Thats the little fact that keeps being overlooked. The GT500 and ZL1 are actually closely matched on road courses. The ZL1 is not this GT500 road course killer this thread makes it out to be. Some courses the GT500 will win and some the ZL1 will win. Thats just the way it is......

Also a little arguing is good.
Actually, I think it funny how the fact that 5 out of 5 mag reviews all gave the ZL1 the crown keeps getting overlooked. The 3 second annihilation at VIR just solidifies any sideline doubts.
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