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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
All this TT-V6/GT-R chat seems to overlook one defining feature of the GT-R...and that, folks, is AWD.

Just imagine, for a moment, how an "AWD" '13 GT500 might time on a road course, or strip, with 3.91s and AWD?! At the same basic weight as a GT-R? And with something approaching MRC capabilities? AWD + MRC = $5Gs...if physically/contractually possible...

RWD has its limitations on street-legal rubber, and the current GT500 is the proof of that. Especially with FWD-like weight distribution...

TT-V6 is only a very short time from arriving at your local GM store...and when it does, it WILL "impress"...even "V8-only" folks...

Having said all that, I'll take an LS7'd ZEE, please, in DOUBLE-BLACK, hold the stripes...
Not overlooked at all.. I'm very aware of the RWD biased AWD of the GTR..

I'd still take one over any Camaro or Mustang at this point.
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