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Originally Posted by CrystalRedTintcoat View Post
So, I got the Clutch Reservoir installed (again, THANKS to TramTwo for forcing ... I mean ... Suggesting this) and my K&N CAI intake.

It was dark when I finished so no photos of the K&N ... plus once you've seen one you've nearly seem them all.

Here are some photos of the Clutch Reservoir. While it's said this is a simple mod, I will say it took a while to execute for a couple reasons.

First, I was trying to be meticulous not to spill the brake fluid anywhere given then paint corrosion warnings. In the process of doing this my turkey injector (yes, no more for Thanksgiving now) jammed on me and the grommet got all munged up. Luckily I didn't make too big of a mess.

Second, while I took the easy path and ordered a unit from JDP Motorsports, it didn't come with the right sized hose clamps so I had to go to the auto parts store which, luckily, was open on Jan 1. Having mentioned JDP, I do recommend their product since it comes with a convenient mounting bracket.

Third, I read someone's account on C5 that he used vice grips to remove the factory clamps. Well, my VGs are mammoth so I had to dork around the old fashioned way with pliers. That wasn't easy.

Frankly, removing the plastic cowl would have made maneuverability, especially toward the firewall, MUCH easier.

Fourth, it took me an hour to realize that JDP's included bracket should be installed LEFT of the brake reservoir mounting hole and not in the gap between the hole and the "rest". I didn't think there'd be enough thread on the brake reservoir screw and didn't try this until the very last moment. As you can see in the photos it worked great.

I hope this posting and these photos help the next guy that instals this. Yeah, I know this is supposed to be a simple mod but I think installing the CAI was way easier and more stress free ...
Awesome pics,thanks thats my project tomorrow,mine just came.So which clamp was the wrong size,the one for the little nipple(giggle)cover or the hose clamps? As for JDP Jordan has been great to me,as well he posted "baby"on his sites facebook page check it out,Thanks Jordan As im pretty sure most of you know i dont wash my car with water,and since there has been so much about the wrap,just wanted to share some more.So i have never put water on my car(other then when i picked her up damn rain)I have used only a damp towel and only wiped the hood off,and dried it right away, and this is how my wrap looks.Also i have the fuse pulled does anyone's pipes look like this? I asked my dealer about it and they said its just because thats the main pipe that the exhaust comes out.
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