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Originally Posted by songsj View Post
This is so true however it is amazing how a dealer will look at you like you are paranoid just because you want everything in writing. Then have every excuse in the book when they are trying to screw you. If you treat them like a crook right from the start they are insulted, but have no trouble screwing you after you have trusted them. I would rather have the upper hand and let them think I'm a jerk.
That's where I was, I asked but was told they wouldn't do that...

Originally Posted by quickdraw View Post
I don't understand. If it is your car then you get it the way that you want. If it is a dealer car then they can add whatever they want before it goes on the showroom floor.
That's what you would think. But they were planning on it... I spoke with the General Sales manager today he said he would talk to his boss and get back to me Monday. This may no longer be the case, but I will find out Monday hopefully. If so I take back my sternly placed words of disdain.

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