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I am not mechanically inclined, noticed it was a little on the beat up side when I got it, but have never bought a transmission part before so I figured all was well. Taking 3 weeks to instal it is not that noteworthy, it took you over a week to ship it. When my buddies got their hands on it the day of instal they pointed out to me multiple hammer marks, the fact that it was missing a very important couple of screws, and that the ring those screw went into was hammered to the point where is was bent. It clearly states in the instructions that the grooved side of the stick goes against the grooved side of the shifter unit, but it had marks on the opposite side from being installed backwards. My buddy has photos on his phone, I will post them here. In the end, after much hammering and struggle to get te part to fit, it went in and stayed in an functioned, but next time I would pay pull price. Especially since I asked if the stock shifter adapter stick was included and all he did was send me a link to hurst, which, under installation PDF, shows that both sticks are included, but just the shiny hurst stick came with it. I've learned my lesson, and don't want any of you guys to have to deal with this same headache.
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