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Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
Thought I would do a quick update on what is going on before I go away for vacation. So recently I have been working on my valve covers. I managed to remove the felt and the other stuff on top of them and I cleaned the passenger side one. I then painted it with Chevrolet Orange 500C spary paint I got at autozone that was on sale for $5 a can (saved $1.50 woo hoo lol). I then put a couple coats of clear on it and I am going to let it sit while I am gone so I don't ruin it.

When I come back from vacation I plan on going to a powder coater to get a quote on getting my Intake Manifold, Plenum Cover and my billet pedals powder coated. Hopefully it comes out to a fair price so I can then be done with that.

There are also a couple of other projects/mods I still have yet to do. I plan on sending out my headrests to get embroidered, I am going to try to change the filter on the Rx breather to a black one, I plan on buying a plenum spacer and I may relocate my IAT as well as replace some of the stock bolts with black ones for contrast.

Quick update: I decided the Chevrolet Orange paint was too bright for me so I hit the cover with 1 coat of IOM paint. It looks darker and will match my throttle body and other stuff much better now I think.

Here is the diff between the Chevrolet Orange spray paint I used and a bowtie painted in IOM that I am currently working on:

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