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...but may I add that the Z/28 name is hallowed, which comes from a source that we hold with much respect. Many have argued the weight of the current Holden platform will not be suitable to bring the badge back because we can not put a power to weight ratio that will be a conqueror against the competition in it's current form. Take the ZL1 for example, a Camaro for all time, that will be a second seat to the Mustang competitior in it's class on the big end of the performance option line<quarter mile wise only, and a driver's race beyond that>. Fresh, new, out of the boix, with cutting edge GM technology and engineering, coming soon to a dealership near you, will be the debut I anticipate moving forward. A new beginning...and a clear cut advantage to take the high ground without doubt. We do not need to rush the Z name back into the fold.
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