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I suspect many of you have never driven an ls7 powered car before. The power will be just below the supercharged lsa. With simple bolt ons it will be a wicked ride. With that said 1le is not modeled after a zl1 aside from a few styling cues. Suspension brakes rear end engine and on an on are completely different.

If the ls7 or hopefully z28 is in the 40's I will keep my 2010 2SSRS and add a ls7/z28 to my collection. The ls7 really is quite a thrill to drive. Would love to have a 2SS/RS/1LE with the ls7 as an option. I can dump the weight to make it a true successor of the first gens z28 and drive it around the local road courses. The roval in fontana demands this car be made. This car will destroy any competing companies pony car. The ss is already a much better car than the gt. The zl1 is better at everything than the supercharged mustang aside from the drag strip.
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