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Anone from Texas?

Has anyone from Texas found an attorney for the problems with the 2010 1Lt yet? I've had an open case for months and it's just recently been closed. I took my car to 2 dealers while under warranty....with engine light on and the airbag light on.....and was told it was just a "sensor" problem. Towed my car over an hour away to a mechanic that has a degree in engineering and he found the problem. GM refuses to pay for these problems. I saved the parts, ran to every dealer they asked, missed work, was out money for rental cars...and the car is still messing up! Not to sound like a broken record from previous post, but problems with:
2.Check engine light/reduced engine power and car stalling in major traffic
3.Slow start
4.RPM idles high
5.Stalling frequently
6.Paint chips all over the car
7. Strange noise from front of car when I hit a bump, sometimes grinding sometime a bumping.
8. Front end shakes over 50.

Things I have had to pay to replace:
1.GM warranty convered power steering pump 2 months after car was purchased.
3.Actuator Solinoid (related to cam shaft I think)
4.Timing chains
6. Rotors had to be turned really soon
7.Purchase of 18 tires!


I have all records of every oil change, tune-up, tire rotation, and work done on my car. NO modifications. The dealer states they don't have records of ever working on my car, but fortunately I saved the receipts from 2 years ago.

I'm exausted....I'm ready to torch this car! I think this car is beautiful and I love it, if it would only run! I bought it because I am a special needs pediatric nurse, I work in homes with children that are disabled. I work mainly with little boys. When I take those kiddos for a ride in that car, you wouldn't believe the responses I can get from them! It is the most amazing thing to see a child light up ! The kiddos parents see an expression from an otherwise expressionless child....for some of these kids it's a wish come true....I love bringing that joy to them....and a Mustang or Challenger can't do that...I work with Mustang and Challenger nurses...they don't get the Camaro response.

I just want my car to work! I don't know what else steps to take. This car is as well taken care of as one of my kids or patients. I have been methodical with maintainance and cleaning, is there any attorney out there willing to help getting the ball rolling on these problems? Look at all these post! So many people are having the same problems....GM has refused most of us help. What can we do?

PS I would attach pic of the "silver bullet", but the paint is chipped to hell and when the dealer replaced my driver side door they couldn't match the paint so it looks like crap....oh, and a small rock hit the windshield and it immediately cracked, so it has this huge crack across the windshield....think it should be called Frank-en-maro!
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