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Originally Posted by NEVRL8 View Post
OK, just got back from a drive after the fuse pull. Definately sounds better when accelerating, might seem to accelerate a little smoother also. No drone in sixth gear at 70 even when going up or down hills at speed. Kinda reminds me of my Corsa cat back on my Challenger. It sounds good all the time but really screams when you put your foot in it, but it's never too loud. Also before the fuse pull when you would rev the throttle in nuetral or reving it with the clutch in it would seem to get quieter. I assume because the vacum was closing the valves at certain rpm. Now you can rev and it sounds amazing. My vette had drone on the highway at speed after this mod, The Camaro doesn't so far. MUST DO MOD!! Thanks for reminding me MY1STCAMARO!
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