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Originally Posted by Mgizzle View Post
Wow, a BOSS 302 Mustang with DRAG radials performing impressively at the dragstrip!!!! What's next, a GT500 Shelby with supercharger removed, 6 cylinders deactivated and a solar panel instead of glass roof getting 20mpg city, on a VOLT forum!!!! Awesome!

The BOSS has a sole purpose, road racing. It got its behind handed by the 1LE at $5000 cheaper on a ROAD COURSE. It also showed a few tricks to the BOSS LS, which is a lot, a lot, more.

No that is impressive.

lol that is bone stock. with dr's it's 11's.

the camaros are faster at the road course. we all know that and need to accept that. 1LE is faster...period.

we all go to the road course, and on the street road course victories is what matters.
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