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Originally Posted by vroomapunk View Post
Alright, so ive learned my lesson with LEDs. I see that you need to bite the bullet, and pay a little more to get quality up front.

No more IJDMToy.

Just ordered some stuff from V-Leds, and AAC has been good to me so far. Ofer's harness is obviously a great product.

I am going to do a full DIY on installing the switchback turn signals when I get them, as there seems to be a lot of people with issues.

Once i finish my fogs and turnsignals up. Then put my SLP gill inserts on, ill probably do another night photoshoot. And I guess put my name in the hat for COTW.

Seems like you need a supercharger to get it, but I wont be doing any more mods for a while lol.

And yea no kidding it seems like you have to do some insane engine mods and a whole new set up to get car of the week haha there isn't just a simply good looking exterior and interior modded car that wins it has to be a whole set up haha oh well we can keep trying
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