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Originally Posted by Behic2320 View Post
Dude sweet looking ride side you use vinyl to pinstripe your wheels or did you have them painted they look killer keep up the good work

I used vinyl, when I was doing it I wasnt sure If I was going to like it. But I really like it. The car/rims would be naked without the pinstripe. And it holds up great.

Not that you can really see the seam on mine, but Ive seen someone do a seamless version where they took a giant piece of vinyl, put it over the entire rim, then just cut the pinstripe out.

Originally Posted by Behic2320 View Post
And yea no kidding it seems like you have to do some insane engine mods and a whole new set up to get car of the week haha there isn't just a simply good looking exterior and interior modded car that wins it has to be a whole set up haha oh well we can keep trying
Well you have a much better chance than me haha! Youve done some serious exterior work.
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