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Originally Posted by TCAT View Post
That's bitchin man! That is great news, and everything is coming together. Maggie should have fessed up and told you the potential issue up front, and I would be disappointed in them as well. That's definitely not the way to do things. At least everything is settled. I bet you can't wait to get it home already, and enjoy it.
T, when I read that thread back when, I shot the Maggie Rep on here (the one that answered the questions) is this something I should be worried about and he assured me it was not. I still have the PM. I bought my Maggie through SLP, so they're getting a nice letter this week along with a copy of Cunningham's bill to fix it. I spent the extra money for the warranty also, but they come 3yr/36K out of the box and it wasn't even a year or 900 miles on the Maggie. Believe me bro, I'm raising holy hell!! (Even though it's fixed, it's just bad business when you drop that kind of money)

Originally Posted by IBM camaro View Post
Wow tht must be great getting that kind if attention from places and I wouldn't have guessed I have like 50k miles on my baby and a full repaint basically
Bro, you're in Texas right, just enter as many local meets, talk to shops, schmooze them, tell them to make you decals and you'll sport them on your ride, but one hand washes the other, so what will they give you in return. To them it's the best way of advertising. Obviously with 2200 miles you know mines not my DD.

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