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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
2012 Model Year TOTAL ZL1 production.

Black 1ES37 &MG9 Manual GBA 465

Victory Red 1ES37 &MG9 Manual GCN 321

Black 1ES37 &MYD Auto GBA 252

Victory Red 1ES37 &MYD Auto GCN 159

Ashen Gray 1ES37 &MG9 Manual GLJ 144

Inferno Orange 1ES37 &MG9 Manual GCR 107

Summit White 1ES37 &MG9 Manual GAZ 94

Ashen Gray 1ES37 &MYD Auto GLJ 72

Silver 1ES37 &MG9 Manual GAN 62

Crystal Red Tint 1ES37 &MG9 Manual GBE 53

Rally Yellow 1ES37 &MG9 Manual GCO 52

Silver 1ES37 &MYD Auto GAN 49

Inferno Orange 1ES37 &MYD Auto GCR 49

Summit White 1ES37 &MYD Auto GAZ 45

Crystal Red Tint 1ES37 &MYD Auto GBE 26

Rally Yellow 1ES37 &MYD Auto GCO 17

Imperial Blue 1ES37 &MG9 Manual GAP 2

Imperial Blue 1ES37 &MYD Auto GAP 2
Scott, i would just like to thank you for getting this info. I'm the one that had the VOIS from Canada with a different number. I called to order a new one with the right numbers and they couldn't have been nicer about sending me an up dated one free of charge. I spoke to a person named George, really nice guy. Thanks again
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