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Cool DIY Install LED SWITCHBACK TURN SIGNALS White DRL and Amber Blinker in one! For RS

This is a DIY for RS camaro switchback turn signal LED lights. Switchback turn signals are white as DRLS but go back to blinking amber when the blinker is applied.

I bought these (discontinued now):
Along with 2 50w 6ohm resistors and mounting plates.

EDIT: That link doesnt seem to work, so I think these are the only ones that V-LEDS sell, CLICK HERE . Unfortunately, these seem to have 42 leds instead of the 92 led ones I bought. Id call V-Leds or email them to see if they have the other ones, or to check fitment on these, etc.

It does look like the new ones are an improved designed and are probably just as bright or brighter than mine, with an aluminum housing, so I wouldnt worry about the 92 vs 42 led thing.

They are 5000k, 92 LED 3157 size bulbs. V-LED is great quality so far. and 5,000k is nearly a match for the halos.

1. Strip back a section (or use a t-tap) of both factory wires on each blinker wire harness.

2. Splice in the resistor across these two factory wires.
- You are splicing the resistor across the amber blinker wire and the negative to simulate a stock bulb, which will make the blinker blink at the correct rate, and keep you from getting a CEL.

3. Find the halo power wire. Purple on the driver's side. Brown/White on the passenger. The wire is on the outside of both sides, with the ground being the opposite side.

4. Strip back a section, and run a new length of wire from the Halo power, to the middle unused part of the blinker harness.

5. You will have to drill a hole through the middle channel of the blinker harness, and run the halo power through it, to power the white LEDs, and keep them on with the halos. If you match your drill bit to the thickness of your wire, then all you should need to do is shove the wire in the new hole, and make sure it is snug, and it will stay in place and make a good contact.

- You should notice that the blinker light harness assembly is two parts that can be separated, do this when drilling.

6. Now you should mount your resistor to the frame or hide it wherever you want, resistors can get hot, but since the blinkers are not on often, these resistors will stay cool most of the time.

7. Now be sure to electrical tape all connections and put any wires back in the wire loom as applicable.

You lights should now be white with the halos and headlights. They should be off when just the fogs/drls are on. And they should turn to just amber for the blinker.

See pictures below
Attached Images

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